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M3 is finally ready to go!

Comments 2 Post views 4969 Tags Minecraft Magic Mod Edited 27/04/2011

My first mod, the Minecraft magic mod is now available for download.

It's finally here!!

After a few very long weeks and many long nights I've managed to finish v1 of my Minecraft Magic Mod (M3).

Not only that but I've also managed to build this site as a place for my mod to live and for me to give you updates on what I'm planning and working on.

Check out the v1 M3 trailer below!

The Mod can be downloaded from the Minecraft page.



Gravatar bbg1001 09/11/2011 17:03:32
Gravatar tamahiro 14/02/2012 18:14:02
should add earth/wind staff (sand) and make a wave of sand pushing mobs back
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