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TheDevGame - Return of the Morgeh

Comments 1 Post views 3562 Tags TheDevGame Edited 08/01/2014

It's been nearly 13 months since my last blog post... Time to do something about that!

The past year has been a whirlwind of work (my day job) and family related situations which, as I hope you'll understand, have been my first priority. Leaving very little time for this website or any of my other development projects.

That said, now things are finally starting to settle down, I have grand plans for TheDevGame, the biggest of which will be a quirky new design.

Originally I planned to use this as a code blog as well as a home for my Minecraft mods. Unfortunately, much like my blog, I haven't been able to work on anything Minecraft related for over a year. So in order to not let this site grow stagnant I will be starting to blog about other things. Things like; my opinion of the games I am playing right now, movies I have watched or the latest episode of my favourite TV shows.

The tag line of this site has always been "Nerdy ramblings" and so far it’s been incredibly short on said ramblings. Hopefully this year I can change that.

I'd also like to revive my YouTube channel (link over to the right), Modding with Morgeh and my Technic Survival Island series didn't prove very popular so I'm going to try something new. I've been playing a lot of the Hearthstone Beta recently so I'm going to upload a few games and maybe some pack opening. I'm not the best player in the world (as the tag line also mentions "substandard gamer") but I'm on a mission to prove that Hearthstone isn't pay to win. So far I've spent nothing on in game gold and I've had some success with decks built mostly from basic cards.

If you have any suggestions for topics of discussion?, games I should play or films I should watch then drop them in the comment selection below.

To to start as I mean to go on, tomorrow I'll be posting my, post completion, views of the latest instalment in the Batman Arkham series: Batman Arkham Origins. *Warning* There will be spoilers.

Batman Arkham Origins

Hope to see you then :)


Gravatar Rich 08/01/2014 23:53:23
Welcome back!
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