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New website updates - Coming soon!

Comments 0 Post views 3588 Tags TheDevGame Dynamic Banner Edited 31/05/2012

I've been working on some new features for, here's a brief overview of what I'm working on.

If you've seen me around the MinecraftForums then you might have noticed my signiture banner.


My banner is a dynamic image drawn programatically by which is updated automatically once an hour.


I use my banner to display the all time download history of my mods as well as what I'm currently working on and the current version of WizardCraft.


Dynamic Banner


Since I started using my banner I've had loads of private messages on the Forum asking me where I got it, and well all I can say is that I made it myself which doesn't really help the person asking.


So, I decided to extend the functionality of my website to allow anyone to sign up to TheDevGame and create a banner of there own.


For the first version of my Dynamic Banners you will be able to upload whatever image you want and display the following content:


  • Twitter updates
  • Facebook updates
  • Personalised messages
  • RSS feeds
  • YouTube updates

For the moment you wont be able to display a count of downloads like I do. Mainly because TheDevGame hosts my downloads so it's easy to count.


If the feedback is good and the dynamic banners prove popular then I may extend it further to allow people to host their Mod/Skins on TheDevGame and display their download count on their banner.


This update will be coming in the next few weeks along with a few imporvements to other areas of the site.


Thanks for reading.




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