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Minecraft Silver Creeper Winterboard Iphone theme

Comments 1 Post views 12334 Tags iphone winterboard Minecraft Created 09/07/2011

A friend of mine recently showed me winterboard from Cydia. I liked it so much I had a stab at making a Minecraft theme.

If you happen to have Cydia on your IPhone then you can download Winterboard by searching within Cydia.


Once you have Winterboard you can find my theme by Searching Cydia for "Minecraft Silver Creeper".


Here's the screen shots!


Minecraft Silver Creeper theme


Minecraft Silver Creeper theme


To create my theme the first thing I had to do was SSH to my IPhone using the following instructions taken from Cydia under “OpenSSH Access How-To”

1: Install the OpenSSH package from cydia.
2: open Wi-Fi from settings.
3: click your networks > button
4: read the “IP Address” Field (Example
5: Open your SSH program (WinSCP on Windows, Terminal on Mac and Linux)
5a: Command for Terminal is ssh root@ip address
5b: For Windows type the IP Address into the Hostname field, and Root into the username field, alpine is the default password..
6: Once you hit enter, or connect wait a few, it’s generating security certificates.
7: Accept new computer host key.
8: Log in with password alpine

These instructions can be found in Cydia but if you’re using your phone it might be eaiser to read from here.

?After that it's just a case of finding the folder that contains the themes and adding your own. The easiest way to do that is to copy and paste an existing theme and then edit it afterwards.

I followed this article to find the correct folder.

Let me know in the comments what you think.



Gravatar Anake 26/08/2011 05:09:16
how did you get the 3D blocks? i wanted to make a minecraft theme using a texture pack, but i couldn't find out how to make the blocks 3D
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