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Minecraft Magic - Mana bar and more spell selection screen shots

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Here are some new screen shots of the new mana bar and spell selection.

Firstly, many people have been asking for a mana bar since the very first version of the Minecraft Magic Mod and here it is.


Minecraft Magic Mana Bar - above the armor


The mana bar will replace the need for spells to cost magic powder. I haven't decided how to balance it yet or whether it will replenish over time or if it will require mana potions instead.


I plan on making it configurable through the file, so those of you who enjoy using magic powder still can.


Secondly, I restyled the Spell Selection screen.

Minecraft Magic Spell Selection Menu


Now you can still see in game while your selecting your spells, which might not sound like much of a feature but the spell selection screen doesn't pause the game so it's a necessity to help you spot incoming creepers.

Also, thanks to Tawniey? for the awesome new staff textures you can see in those screen shots.

As always let me know what you think in the comments.



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