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Minecraft Magic spell selection sneak peek

Comments 2 Post views 6904 Tags Minecraft Magic Mod Created 16/06/2011

Here's a couple of screen shots of a new feature I've been working on for the next major release of Minecraft Magic.

Incase the title hasn't given it away I've been working on a spell selection framework.

I recently played single player minecraft using my mod for the first time and found it to be really clutured and hard to organise, so to try and remedy that I decided to reduce the number of wands/staffs to 1 for each of the 8 elements.

Those 8 staffs can now cast up to 4 different spells based on the staffs level.

This means you can change the active spell on each staff and basically change what it does when you use the staff.

Currently there are two ways you can change the active spell.

Spell Selection Menu (press M while holding a staff).

Minecraft Magic Spell Selection Menu

Toggle Spell (press N while holding a staff)

Minecraft Magic Spell Toggle

Let me know what you think in the comments.



Gravatar j4nnick 18/06/2011 16:38:57
you should make the boots so you take no fall damage :) that will be very useful
Gravatar imhkhj 24/08/2011 17:03:21
Get a Kiss Spell Items you will need 1 red candle 1 white piece of paper 1 stick of red or glittery pink lipstick.
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