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Minecraft Magic Version 2 Out Now.

Comments 0 Post views 6161 Tags Minecraft Magic Mod Edited 31/05/2011

Get Minecraft magic Version 2 now and cause chaos with fire, lava and ice.

Here's what you can expect to find in version 2.

Wand Levelling
Fire wand to Heat beam Staff

Water wand to Waterfall Staff

Earth wand to Ore Staff

Wind wand to Gust Staff

Combination Orbs
Ice Orb (wind + water)

Lightning Orb (fire + wind)

Plant Orb (earth + water)

Magma Orb (fire + earth)

Combination Staves(start at level 2)
Ice Staff

Lightning Staff

Plant Staff

Magma Staff

Magic Armor

Water Helmet - Allows the wearer to breath underwater.
Fire Chestplate - Grants the wearer immuinity to fire.
Wind Leggings - Give the user the ability to run faster.
Earth Boots - Hoe soil and turn stone into mossy cobblestone as you walk.?

Happy Minecrafting.



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