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New Website features published

Comments 2 Post views 4138 Tags TheDevGame Edited 31/05/2011

I've added new features to the website.

The main purpose of this blog is to test that the subscription feature of this site is working correctly, if it is then the lucky few of you who have subscribed by now will recieve a little email telling you that I've just posted this blog.

I know blog subscription isn't a ground breaking feature but I'm building this website from the ground up so every little new feature is important.

I've also added made some changes to the administration area (which didn't exist before today) but I'm the only one that will ever see that side of the site so you'll just have to believe me when I say, its awesome!

Going forward I hope to make some blog entries that are more specific to certain areas of development that I'm working on, either MVC and C# for the website or Java for my work on Minecraft.

It's slowly coming together and I look forward to sharing the experiance with you.



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Good Luck Mate !
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Good Luck Mate !
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